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Reduce your telephony costs and unify communications with 3CX phone systems.

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Our IT Department is an official 3CX Gold Partner and a preferred reseller of the 3CX IP-PBX Telephony platform for business.

Used by over 30,000 organisations across the globe, 3CX is our preferred business telephony solution because it is affordable, easy to install and easy to manage. 3CX also incorporates a large number of enhanced enterprise-grade features, including fully integrated instant chat and video conferencing solutions.

What 3CX solutions do we offer?

We offer fully integrated on premise, cloud-based or hybrid 3CX IP-PBX telephony solutions to clients that wish to reduce their operational costs and improve business communications – replacing their ageing telecoms and ISDN lines with an advanced feature-rich telephony system.

What is a 3CX IP PBX phone system?

IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange.

A 3CX IP-PBX system is an affordable software-based IP PBX telephony solution that provides Unified Communications out of the box.  It is more efficient than a traditional PBX solution because your calls are delivered using Internet Protocol as the underlying transport technology.

In addition.

Because it is software-based, 3CX is easy to install, manage and maintain. With a traditional PBX solution, you are restricted to a limited number of external telephone lines and internal telephone devices & extensions.  In comparison, 3CX IP-PBX technology allows for an almost unlimited use of extensions and lines, in addition to the following 3CX enhanced enterprise-grade features:

3CX pricing - feature list

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3CX PBX telephony Service - Mobile VoIP

Use your office extension on the move.

The 3CX phone system is easily paired with your company mobile devices with a native mobile iOS and Android app, which is perfect for homeworkers and traveling sales executives.  This app allows you to use your smartphone or tablet device as your office extension. You can see the presence and status of your colleagues and employees and calls between you are free, improving internal communications and making huge savings on your telephone bills.

3cx is a one-stop shop for unified communications.

3CX Phone Systems - Instant chat

Instant chat.

In addition to the feature rich phone system, 3CX also incorporates an advanced ‘instant chat’ messaging application that will improve the efficiency of internal communication between departments, allowing employees to communicate via text chat without the need of a 3rd party application.

3CX Video Conferencing

Integrated video conferencing.

3CX features a fully integrated and feature rich Video Conferencing solution that allows you to host virtual meetings and enjoy face-to-face communication through an Internet Browser. Participants can seamlessly join meetings without the need to download a local application or plug-in.

As a Unified Communications solution, both 3CX messaging and video conferencing solutions can be used on your desktop and mobile devices.

3CX soft phone pricing

Use softphone for Windows and Mac to make and receive calls.

3CX’s softphone client for Windows and Mac allows you to manage your calls from your desktop or laptop. You can make and receive calls via the office phone system from your computer, even while you are out of the office. You can also use a headset with the 3CX software client. There are no additional licencing fees to use the softphone client.

3CX Pricing - SIP Trunking

Replace your expensive and inefficient ISDN lines with sip trunking.

If you’re still using antiquated ISDN lines with your existing telephony solution then its time to replace them with fast effective SIP trunking, which offers a much more efficient, cost-effective and reliable way of delivering business telephony.

the advantages of sip trunking are many.

  • Lower monthly Line and DID Rental – The monthly costs to have multiple lines installed at your office drops significantly.
  • Lower call charges – Competition between providers has reduced call charges.
  • Eliminate VoIP Gateways – SIP trunks will eliminate the need to buy and manage additional VoIP Gateways. All phone calls come in via IP which often means better call quality because no extra conversion is required.
  • Enjoy a flexible PBX solution – With SIP trunking, it’s easy to add channels to your telephony system to cope with increased call volumes. Having additional lines installed and then having to upgrade your old PBX to handle more lines will be a thing of the past!
  • Use the correct number of channels – With SIP trunks, you can choose the exact number of channels that you require. With traditional ISDN/T1 connectivity, you often have to choose to add channels in either 15 or 30 increments which means that you end up with expensive extra capacity.

Yealink 3CX phone Systems

We supply with the latest Yealink handsets.

We can also provide you with the latest range of highly advanced 3CX VoIP handsets from Yealink. Our fully scalable handset packages can be tailored to your budget and requirements, including wireless handsets and conference units.

3CX Phone System Partners - Award Winning Service

Why choose Our IT Department?

Our IT Department is a 3CX Gold certified partner that employs a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced networking and communications experts. We continue to provide a comprehensive range of Unified Communications solutions to businesses across London and the East of England.

Ongoing support for 3CX is provided by our award winning customer help desk team that work from our head office in London. You’ll also have your own dedicated client account manager, who will ensure that you receive a consistently high level of customer service.

3cx phone system pricing

Reduce your telephone costs by up to 80% and enjoy feature rich communications.

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Let Our IT Department provide your business with a feature rich 3CX Unified Communications solution that is easy to maintain and will accommodate organisational change. To find out more, contact a member of our Business Development team by calling 020 8501 7676.

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