30 Best Apps For Business Owners ( Best Small Business Owner Apps)INTRODUCTION.

If your a business owner, small business owner or startup that’s struggling to juggle everything that’s going on in your busy working life, then you’ll love this list of amazing apps that will make it easier to run your business.

Thanks to the Internet and the increased availability of mobile devices, business owners now have access to a huge selection of advanced business apps that were only previously available to enterprises with large budgets. And best of all, most of the high-quality apps are affordable and within the reach of small businesses with limited budgets.

From apps that offer financial advice to improved productivity, communications and business feedback, here are 30 of the best Business apps on the market that will help your small business prosper in 2017.


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Part 1: The Best Communication Apps

Part 2: The Best Productivity Apps

Part 3: The Best Organisation Apps

Part 4: The Best Management Apps

Part 5: The Best Finance Apps

Part 6: Five other amazing Apps for business owners

Best Communication apps for Business Owners (and Small Business Owners)


Best Communication Apps - Skype


Although the Skype communications app is well-known in the business environment, it still is one of the best communication apps out there for sharing files and computer screens in addition to video conferencing with multiple people in a group.

For small businesses, you can access the Basic version of Skype at no cost. To access upgraded business features, Skype is still affordable for small businesses starting at £4.00 per user per month.

Skype also allows you to hold video meetings online for up to 250 people and easily integrates with MS Office and other productivity applications.  The app works on all operating systems and devices with a high-speed Internet connection.

Download the Skype App for iPhone, Android for Windows.

Slack instant messaging app logoSLACK.

Slack is an advanced instant messaging app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that allows you to easily send direct messages and organize team conversations into specific public or private channels. Slack also provides an archiving feature that allows you to save past files, notifications and messages for future reference.

The Slack app offers user friendly features that allow you to easily communicate using the drag and drop feature that easily adds files and images to any conversation.  You can choose to use the free version or upgrade to more advanced features for as little as £6.40 per month per user with no limit to the number of users you can add.  The features also include unlimited app integration, full message history archive, and group calling.

Download the Slack App for iPhone, Android or for Windows.

Fuze App Download


Fuze Mobile is a Unified Communications app that allows users to access the full suite of Fuze Enterprise applications from their mobile device. The Fuze app works with all types of devices and operating systems and the free version also offers high definition video and clear audio capability. Fuze Mobile features include VoIP calling, internal extension dialling, video meetings with guest users and colleagues, SMS text messaging and visual voicemail.

If you want more web conferencing features such as larger meetings and recording capability, you can upgrade for as little as £12.00 per month.  This plan provides you with unlimited meetings and webinars for up to 125 participants.  You also have access to cloud storage and 12 high definition video feeds to see and hear various participants.  The company also offers custom pricing for small business owners.

Download the Fuze Mobile App for iPhone or Android.

Pushover Simple Notifications App


The Pushover app for iOS and Android devices is an app designed for small businesses that use multiple phones or mobile devices, including desktop browser clients. All you have to do is enter your Pushover user key or email address to immediately begin receiving push notifications.

Pushover can send push notifications to any smartphone and automatically organizes notifications and messages in one place for easy access. The app allows you to receive unlimited notifications on all devices including the iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, Android and all types of desktops.  You can try Pushover free for seven days and then there is a one-time purchase of £3.99.

Download the Pushover App for iPhone or Android.


Google Translate is a free app for iOS and Andriod that helps small businesses communicate internationally.  This ensures your business is communicating effectively and professionally without the worry of inadvertently saying something offensive.

Google Translate automatically converts spoken words or text to your language to help you understand communications from international clients.  The app also offers speaking capability that allows you to enter text via handwriting or using your device camera.

Download the Google Translate App for iPhone or Android.

Best Productivity Apps for Business Owners (and Small Business Owners)


Asana Team Projects Organisation appASANA.

Asana is a free productivity app for iOS and Android that automatically combines conversations, business tasks, user dashboards, and team projects into one location for easy transparency.  Instead of wasting valuable time looking for email messages, they are organized in one location for improved access and productivity.

Asana allows groups of team members to collaborate and focus on specific steps of a project using the user-friendly interface that facilitates communication and project completion. Asana also uses advanced security technologies to preserve the integrity and security of your data, in addition to performing regular backups for easy recovery in the event of data loss.

Asana is available in a free version for up to 15 team members.  If you require more advanced features, Asana Premium can run your small business for as little as £8.00 per month per user.

Download the Asana App for iPhone or Android.

Box Secure File Sharing, Storage, and Collaboration App


Box is an app that functions similar to the conventional My Documents folder except it is cloud-based, which means you can access your files from any device with any operating system. You can use Box without ever having to leave the programs you work with the most.

For example, if you use Box with Microsoft Office, you can easily edit, share and save files directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint. If you use a CRM system such as Salesforce, you can access all your files on Box from within the Salesforce platform.

In addition to a variety of business platforms, Box works with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac and PC devices.  All you have to do is drag and drop the files you want to access while on the go so you never carry a USB storage device or waste time locating email attachments. Box is also convenient for collaboration and allows your team edit and share documents.

Download the Box App for iPhone or Android.

Vend Register POS | Point of Sale on the App VEND.

Vend is a point-of-sale (POS) app for iPad, PC, and Mac that allows small business owners to grow their business online.  The app also provides ecommerce and inventory management functions in addition to customer loyalty features. Vend is also ideal for startup businesses seeking to promote their products using the same technology as large retailers use.

The initial version of Vend is free. You can also opt to try one of the paid versions free for 30 days with no credit card required. The paid plans start at £55.00. Vend also provides portability with apps for iOS, PC, and Mac. Small business owners can contact Vend to acquire a personalized solution that meets specific business needs.

Download the Vend App for iPhone.

Kanbanflow productivity app


KanbanFlow is a cost-effective cloud-based productivity app that works with virtually any device with any operating system. As a small business owner, you can use KanbanFlow to upload documents, assign tasks to team members, and oversee an entire workflow process using the Kanban board.

The Kanban board is conveniently separated into columns which can be customized to fit your workflow processes.  The board allows you to easily see at a glance a comprehensive overview of all current work tasks and projects. Additionally, you can collaborate in real-time, stay updated with the mobile web app, track the time spent on tasks and projects, and access advanced analytics and reporting.

The basic version of KanbanFlow is free and works on any mobile device or PC.  If you desire additional features, you can access the premium version for as little as £4.01 per user per month.

Click here to visit the KanbanFlow website.

Mailchimp App Download iOS and AndriodMAILCHIMP.

MailChimp is a productivity app that help you to easily manage and build email lists using automated processes.  You can use MailChimp to build email and newsletter templates that save time when setting up marketing campaigns. Additionally, the built-in analytics and performance reports help you to optimize your campaigns and send customers email messages that are relevant to their specific interests.

Best of all, you can get started with the free version which allows for an email list of up to 2000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month. This also provides you with access to an interface that allows you to integrate your brand in addition to automated processes, free reporting and data insight.

To access additional features, the paid plans begin at as little as £8.01 per month and range up to £159 per month for high volume senders. To keep you mobile, MailChimp offers a productivity app for iOS and Android as well.

Download the Mailchimp Productivity App for iPhone or Android.

Best Organisation Apps for Business Owners


Download the Evernote App for iOS and Andriod


Evernote is an app that helps businesses keep notes (handwritten or other) in one location as opposed to having them scattered all over your desk. Create a note once and it is available across all of your devices including iOS and Android mobile devices.  Additionally, the scanning feature can find specific images, words, and handwritten notes.  These elements can easily be translated to a whiteboard for presentations and brainstorming.

Regardless if you are creating documents, images, drawings, text, or other files, you can always find it using the intuitive search function in Evernote.  This includes handwritten notes you have created with your touchscreen and stylus pen.

Evernote is available in a free version with 60MB of uploads per month and syncing across two devices.  The paid plans provide additional features and start for as little as £28.00 per year.

Download the Evernote App for iPhone or Android.

Polaris office App downloadPOLARIS OFFICE.

Polaris Office is an app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices that provides a reliable alternative to apps such as Apple’s iWork. Polaris Office allows you to create, edit, and sync files created with Microsoft Office from anywhere and on any smartphone or mobile device.

Polaris Office provides a comprehensive work environment with all the features of a full office suite. This includes the ability to work on documents in a variety of formats such as .docx, .PDF, .txt, and .odf.  The business version also allows you to convert and edit PDF documents, track changes, work with pivot tables, access collaborative tools, sync files in all formats, and more.

The basic version of Polaris Office is free. The Business version offers more features and is available as a 30-day free trial.  After the trial period, Polaris Office for Business can be accessed at an affordable cost of £4.48 per month.

Download the Polaris App for iPhone or Android.

Download the Google Drive App


Google Drive is a free app that works on any iOS, Android or PC device and allows you to organize and edit files while accessing your work from anywhere. Google Drive was built on the success of Google Docs with the capability to store, edit, share, and collaborate on files and projects.

Google Drive is a cloud-based full featured office suite that also provides you with cloud storage.  Content is accessed using the Google Drive app or via any web interface using your Google account login.

Small business owners can start with the free version which allows for 15GB of space.  As your business grows, you can choose to upgrade to additional storage starting at only £1.59 per month for 100GB of storage.

Download the Google Drive App for iPhone or Android.

ProofHub App Download


ProofHub is an all-in-one project management app for iOS and Android that provides a variety of tools for effective task management and time tracking, access to Gantt charts, discussions, reports, file sharing, calendars, notes, proofing and feedback. Additionally, there are functions that connect all your work across different apps with access to chat and business customization with your own logo and domain name.

The organizational features allow you to gather almost any type of presentation, document, image, or other type of content and secure the file in one location.  The customization features allow you to keep important tasks at your fingertips with an advanced search function that provides a way to quickly find specific files and documents.

ProofHub is available with a 30-day free trial.  After the trial period expires, an Individual account starts at £14.42 per month and ranges to a Business account with advanced features for £15.47 per month.

Download the ProofHub App for iPhone or Android.

Trello App Download


Trello is a free app for iOS and Android helps to keep all team members on the same page when it comes to projects and tasks using a digital bulletin board system. Users can access a bulletin board that contains cards that help to describe and organize different tasks and projects.

With each card you create on the board, you can set due dates, create to-do checklists, reminders, notes, upload files and more. Trello improves overall business management by providing an easy way to follow up with various projects and tasks. Then you can easily add comments on specific details and attachments in addition to adding comments to each card on the board.

Trello allows the Integration of existing apps you use into your workflow. The app syncs across all devices and allows your team to collaborate from any location.

Download the Trello App for iOS or Android.


Time Management Apps for Small Business Owners




Any.Do is a time management app for iOS, Android or PC that offers a user-friendly interface that brings all your to-do lists, calendars, and other essentials together into one location. You can also sync all your content across all devices using Exchange, Google Calendar, iCloud and many other applications.

The collaborative functions allow for team collaboration, file attachments and notifications along with the ability to assign tasks and due dates.  Any.do also integrates easily with a wide variety of other apps such as Evernote, Box, WordPress, MailChimp and many others. Additionally, the Assistant function can be configured to automatically review your tasks and make note of the ones it can accomplish for you using smart bots or human beings, provided the Assistant has your prior permission.

You can choose to use the free version with basic features. However, the premium version offers additional features starting at £1.67 per month for a single device and ranges to £2.40 per month for unlimited devices.

Download the Any.Do App for iPhone or Android.

Harvest App Download


Harvest is a time management app for iOS, Android, Mac or PC that offers advanced features for time and expense tracking, reporting, project budget alerts, timesheet approvals, app integrations and more.  The app helps you to effectively manage your time with real-time access to a simple interface that provides tools that ensure business profitability.

Harvest offers time tracking for team members and groups in addition to expense tracking and fast invoicing.  The app can integrate with more than 100 apps so you can integrate the existing apps you currently use.

Small business owners can use the free version which is limited to 1 person and 2 projects.  For more advanced features, you can try the Solo and Team versions free for 30 days and then pay £9.61 per month after the trial period expires.

Download the Harvest App for iPhone or Android.

Trip-IT App Download


TripIt is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to effectively manage your time for business trips. The app contains feature that allow you to consolidate your trip plans into a master schedule you can access on any device.  All you need to do is forward all emails related to travel to the TripIt app and the features and functions take care of everything else.

TripIt allows you to check for delays and departures, locate another flight in the event of cancellation, and find seats when you must re-book a flight. Additionally, you can keep track of weather reports and acquire directions to a specific airport.

The basic TripIt app is free.  If you want additional features such as alerts, rewards, travel plan sharing and other functions, you can sign up for the paid version for £49 per year following a 30-day free trial.

Download the TripIT app for iPhone or Android.

download omnifocus app


OmniFocus is a time management app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac that allows you to easily keep track of what is due and when. Features such as calendar integration, notifications, alerts, Siri capture, multitasking functions, attachments and more, ensure that you never lose anything.  Additionally, OmniFocus can be synced across devices to allow you to keep track of everything in your business and your life…. including the ability to walk by a grocery store and receive an alert to remind you to pick up the milk and bread.

OmniFocus is also offered with a free Sync Server that removes the hassles of syncing your data across all devices. Using any device, you can see your work in a variety of specifics such as checking on your upcoming day, planning, to-do and more. Your personal life responsibilities can easily be separated from business activities to create an overall time management solution.

Because OmniFocus provides advanced solutions, the cost is £32.00 for the standard iOS version and £48.05 for the Pro version.  If you want to add the Mac desktop app, OmniFocus is priced at £32.00 for the standard version and the Pro version cost is £64.08.

Download the OmniFocus App for iPhone.

todoist App Download


Todoist is a web-based free app for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices that allows you to use your time wisely and get more done in less time. The features allow you to optimize tasks you need to do using the optimization functions. Then you can synchronize everything across all devices and platforms to bring all business tasks together.

Using the apps and extensions for multiple platforms, you can access you tasks from anywhere and at any time using a mobile device, web browser, tablet, or laptop.  Additionally, you have access to tools that allow you to visualize your productivity including sub tasks, sub projects, notifications, due dates, recurring dates, reminders, labels and filters, productivity tracking, team collaboration and much more.

Todoist offers a Basic plan you can access for free. The Premium and Business plans offer more features for an affordable cost of £23.22 per year for the Premium plan and £23.22 per user per year for the Business plan.

Download the Todoist app for iPhone or Android.

Best Finnace apps for Business Owners (and small business owners)


receipt bank App download


Receipt Bank is a useful app for iOS and Android that helps you stay on top of tax responsibilities as well as keep your cash flow and finances under control.  The app saves time by allowing you to scan receipts, extract information from utility bills, receipts, and invoices, in addition to integrating your existing accounting software with just a few clicks.

Using Receipt Bank, you can send photos and documents within minutes to be processed by the app and publish to your cloud computing app.  All data is backed up and safely secured using advanced security technologies. Additionally, you can simplify expenses by adding team members with different access permissions.  The app offers a wide range of configurations that allow you to designate where you want specific information transferred for suppliers, transactions, and payment methods.

Receipt Bank allows you to spend less time with bookkeeping tasks and offers flexible pricing. A single user plan starts at £9.99 a month. If you require a plan for multiple users, the plans start at £20 a month.

Download the Receipt Bank App for iPhone and Android.

Freshbooks App Download


FreshBooks is an accounting app that provides you with a way to manage and track invoices. The user-friendly interface allows you to create professional looking invoices within seconds, accept credit cards using your mobile device, and automatically bill customers with recurring invoices.  If you want to work from anywhere, FreshBooks is available as a free app for iOS and Android for accomplishing things on the go.

FreshBooks also contains other features which allow you to create professional customized business reports as well as track and organize expenses.  This can be accomplished from anywhere using any device. All data is 100% secured and backed up regularly and automatically.

FreshBooks is available as a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. After the trial expires, the Lite version costs £12.01 per month for up to 5 clients.  The Plus version is priced at £20.02 per month for up to 50 clients.  The Premium version is £ 40.06 per month for up to 500 clients.

Download the Freshbooks App for iPhone or Android.

Quickbooks App DownloadINTUIT QUICKBOOKS.

Although well-known, Intuit QuickBooks is still known as a great app for tracking cash flow. With QuickBooks, you can easily access profit and loss statements in a real-time environment, track unpaid invoices, download bank transactions automatically, stay compliant with VAT tracking for HMRC, capture expenses on the go and more.

QuickBooks also allows you to import transactions from PayPal, extract data from invoices and receipts, generate estimates, and track income and expenses.  Additionally, you can access a broad range of business reports that enable you to make accurate business decisions.

The mobile apps make it easy to collaborate with your team members or accountant from anywhere using any device. The mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac is offered free with all QuickBooks plans.

QuickBooks plans start at £1.80 per month for the self-employed.  The Small Business plan starts at £7.50 per month and ranges to £10.00 per month. All plans come with a 30-day free trial.

Download the Quickbooks App for iPhone or Android.

Xero App Download


Xero is an app that allows you to keep track of your business cash flow in real-time. All you need to do is login on the Xero website from anywhere and at any time to view your up-to-date financials.  You can use just about any device including a Mac, smartphone, tablet, or Windows device.

The Xero mobile app provides a way to create expense claims, reconcile your books, send invoices and more while on the go.  Bank transactions are categorized for easy reconciliation and online invoices can be sent to your customers immediately. Xero mobile app is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Xero also provides additional functions to make financial processes easier.  Some of these include bill pay, inventory tracking, purchase order creation, time tracking and more.

Xero small business plans start at £7.50 per month and range up to £20.62 per month for the Premium plan. All plans offer a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

Download the Xero App for iPhone or Android.

Ourcrowd App DownloadOURCROWD.

If your small business is looking to connect to potential investors, it may be worth your time to check out OurCrowd.  The website provides you with access to pre-vetted startup opportunities that enable you to secure genuine investment capital.  The website is filled with reviews and selections of companies starting at 3000 annually.

Using OurCrowd you can make connections, find a quality investor that provides you with the best return in addition to negotiating and preparing deal terms. OurCrowd provides you with industry leading mentoring and post-investment support as well.

To identify trusted venture capital investors, participate, and engage in research, you must apply on the Join page to ensure your business meets the accreditation criteria. Additionally, you can apply for OurCrowd funding as a startup business using the OurCrowd Funding Application Form.

Download the Xero App for iPhone or Android.

Wave Finance App Download


Wave is a free app that provides user-friendly accounting software designed especially for small businesses. Wave provides features that include creating and tracking invoices, sales and expense tracking, payroll management, account reporting, receipt scanning and more.

Wave also provides a way for you to accept credit cards.  Most invoices satisfied with a credit card pay you in two days or less. When it comes to income and expense reporting many of the functions are automated which eliminates manual data entry.

Wave software is available for download on the Wave website. The software is 100% free while the invoicing and receipt-tracking apps are available for iOS and Android. The company also provides pay-as-you-go services for credit card processing and payroll.  You only pay for what you use with no long-term contracts or commitments.  Credit card processing fees are 2.9% + £0.24 per transaction. Payroll services are £12.01 per month + £3.20 per employee.

Download the Wave App for iPhone and Android.

Amazing apps for Business Owners, startups and small business owners


Pocket App DownloadPOCKET.

Pocket is a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to store all your ideas, articles, and videos for easy access on your mobile device.  You simply save an article or video you find inspiring and useful to your business to read later.  Content can be saved directly from your browser or you can save it from apps such as Pulse, Flipboard, Twitter or Zite.

Pocket integrates with more than 1500 apps and contains features that allow you to share ideas and inspirations with your colleagues. Plus, you can easily access your content in Pocket without an Internet connection.

You can sign up for pocket totally free or you can choose GoPremium. The GoPremium plan is available for £3.99 per month which provides you with an ad-free experience in addition to access to the new Permanent Library.

Download the Pocket App for iPhone and Android.

Nomad App Download


If you are a small business looking for office space, Nomad is a free app that allows you to find the right space at the right location.  Nomad offers tools that provide a way to search for desk space, startup office space, meeting rooms and more, using searches with specific criteria.  You can also locate the right space that fits your budget as well.

Nomad also provides a service that provides you with networking opportunities to connect with like-minded people.  You can choose from short-term bookings as well as long-term arrangements. Once you arrive at your space, you will be shown the facility and then you can get right to work.

You can easily sign up for Nomad using Facebook, Google, email via the Nomad website or via an iOS app.

Download the Nomad App for iPhone.

Download Godayy Flare App


Flare is a free app for iOS and Android that is supported by GoDaddy and allows you to receive expert feedback on your business ideas. The app also offers a community for collaboration that turns your ideas into a reality. If an idea garners enough support, you can be designated an advisor to propel the idea in a positive direction.

Flare works similar to Tinder where members can like or dislike an idea by swiping to the justify or right. The app also allows you to ask questions and receive an immediate response. If you have a great idea, you can share it with the community and get instant and unbiased feedback.

Download the Flare App for iPhone and Android.

Dropbox logoDROPBOX.

Dropbox is a free file sharing app for iOS, Android, Windows or Kindle Fire that provides features for storing and sharing files in the cloud. The app allows you to save files on one device and then access them from another device while you are on the go. Anything you store in Dropbox is automatically synced with all devices which makes it ideal for sharing documents with remote or mobile workers.

Dropbox also allows team members to collaborate and edit files right in the app without the confusion of emailing files back and forth.  Whenever a file is edited, all team members automatically receive the update.

Dropbox is available in a free version. The Dropbox for Business plan offers more features along with a free 30-day trial.  Once the trial expires, the cost for the Standard plan is £10.01 per user per month starting with 3 users and 2TB of storage.  The Advanced plan is offered for £16.02 per user per month starting with 3 users and unlimited storage.

Download the Dropbox App for iPhone or Android.

Squareup Logo App Download


Square is a payment processing app for iOS and Android that works with a Square card magstripe reader that attaches to the top of your device for swiping major credit cards. The card reader replaces the old cumbersome card readers and allows you to accept payments from anywhere at any time.

After you download the Square app and insert the free magstripe reader, you can accept payments regardless of whether you are at a trade show or other location.  The transactions are processed for a low rate of 2.75% per swiped payment with no hidden fees.

Additionally, there are no long-term contracts or commitments plus, you typically see deposits in your bank account on the following business day. Chargeback protection is included and you also have access to analytics and sales reporting to make well informed business decisions.

Download the Square App for iPhone or Android.


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