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IT Relocation Project Case Studies
December 5, 2017
How We Successfully Completed an IT Relocation Project – A Case Study
The Challenge. Our client was running out of physical space and struggling to accommodate all of its staff at their… (read more)
3CX Case Study. Unified Communications on-premise.
5 MAIN CHALLENGES. The college needed to upgrade from their traditional telephony solution to enable their staff to have better… (read more)
Using Apple Macs in Business
November 29, 2017
Urgent Information About a Serious Software Bug Affecting Mac Users.
IMPORTANT SECURITY INFORMATION FOR APPLE MAC USERS. We wanted to make you aware of a serious bug that is affecting… (read more)
Microsoft SharePoint Case Studies Page
November 21, 2017
Improving Document Management With Microsoft SharePoint – A Case Study.
  The Challenge. The lack of a centralised document management solution in addition to the absence of an effective document… (read more)