Cloud Communication services

A new world of Communication for the growing business.

If your business has outgrown its ailing communication systems then it’s time to replace them with a unified solution that’s hosted and maintained in the cloud. ALL of the above solutions can be unified in the cloud under a common system, allowing you to reduce the complexity of your communications, increase productivity and reduce your monthly service costs.

Three great reasons to switch to Cloud-based Communications.

1. Lower the total cost of ownership.

all of the cloud communications solutions we provide are flexible, fully scalable and available on a subscription-basis. you’ll only pay for what you use. in addition, your communications platform literally becomes future proofed. upgrade cycles will be a thing of the past and you’ll always have access to the latest version of the service.

2. Unify business communications.

companies with multiple-office locations, distance workers and feet on the ground will benefit from using one or more cloud comms solutions that can all be unified under a common system. reduce the complexity of your comms and increase productivity by keeping everyone connected.

3. More uptime, less responsibility.

continuity of service becomes the responsibility of the vendor. in addition, almost every cloud communications platform we provide has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We’ll help you choose the correct communications solution for your business.

We provide a full range of cloud communications solutions from all of the major service providers to organisations across London and the East of England.

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Our Unified Communications solutions.

Hosted IP Telephony

A fully featured PBX or SIP telephony service delivered from the cloud that replaces your on premise telephone system.

The advantages of A hosted cloud-based telephony solution:

  • You can potentially reduce your phone bills by up to 80% by eliminating interoffice and travelling call charges
  • Hosted telephony solutions are feature rich and far more customisable than traditional VoIP phone systems
  • It’s inexpensive to purchase because significantly less investment in hardware and infrastructure is required
  • Unify communications by allowing distance workers, satellite offices and staff on the road to use the same internal phone system anywhere in the world

Visit our dedicated cloud telephony page to find out more about the many features and advantages of making the switch.

Cloud PBX mobile communications

Hosted IP Telephony clients for iOS and Android smartphones allow your staff to take their office extension with them when they are on the move.  Ensure you never miss a call and transfer calls directly to your colleagues from your smartphone without asking the customer to dial another number.

The advantages of using a Hosted IP Telephony smartphone client:

  • There are no additional licencing costs for smartphones
  • Experience all of the above hosted IP telephony features from your Android or iOS smartphone
  • Zero configuration is required. Seamless integration with your hosted VoIP system is achieved through the one-time installation of a native iOS and Android app
  • Mobile VoIP solutions are highly secure. Connection to the hosted telephony platform is made via an inbuilt VPN tunnel, which is configured automatically in the background when you install the mobile client

HD webinar and web conferencing servicesFeature rich cloud-based HD web conferencing services. We supply, deploy and maintain solutions from all of the major vendors, including Skype for Business and Vidyo Cloud.

The advantages of using cloud-based web conferencing services:

  • Our cloud-based web confernecing solutions are Fully scalable to your needs
  • Flexible pricing options mean that you only pay for what you need
  • Experience high definition, high quality video conferencing solutions directly from the cloud, including full support for 4k (ultra HD) video and content
  • Enjoy conference calls and video messaging seamlessly between Windows, Mac and Linux desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Cloud-based web conferencing solutions are highly secure and all communications are encrypted in order to protect your privacy
  • All web conferencing solutions feature an integrated directory allowing you to dial by name (Skype For Business is fully integrated with Outlook)
  • Host online meetings and professional webinars for up to 10,000 people. Ideal for marketing, training and lead generation

Call Analytics

Highly advanced cloud-based call analytics dashboard that provides you with all of the information required to drive service performance.

The advantages of using a cloud-based call analytics solution:

  • It’s a ‘platform as a service’ from the cloud that’s far more cost-effective than maintaining a call analytics application onsite
  • Access real-time analytics through a web-based dashboard that can be used on your desktop or mobile device
  • User efficiency analytics help you to determine the staff members that pick up the phone straight away, who lets it ring and who is answering the most number of calls
  • Daily and hourly call activity reports will help you to identify peak call times and call patterns, so you can ensure that your lines are properly staffed at the right times

Instant and in-app messaging

Skype for Business incorporates an instant messaging (IM) which is an efficient way for you to connect to individuals or groups either through the Skype for Business app, or within various Microsoft applications.

The advantages of cloud-based instant and in-app messaging:

  • A fast, efficient way to contact your colleagues directly without waiting on email responses or voicemail messages
  • Set presence options so that people know when you are available, away, in a meeting etc
  • Send messages to individuals, multiple recipients or message groups
  • Receive message alerts via email when you are away from your desk
  • Drag and drop images, files and videos into a conversation
  • Start conversations within apps like word and PowerPoint
  • Screen sharing and group screen sharing functionality

Skype for Business is included with Office 365 for Business, or it can be purchased as a standalone product.  Find out more about the many features and benefits on our dedicated Skype for Business page.

Take the first step towards saving money and improving your business communications. 

From planning to deployment and ongoing support, our team of experts are on hand to help you to introduce one or more of the above cloud-communication solutions to the workplace. We’re happy to provide strategic guidance and expert advice, or, we’ll happily take ownership of an entire migration project.

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