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Remember the golden rule – if it depreciates then lease it!

Lease the latest computer hardware and networking equipment from a foremost leading IT services provider, Our IT Department Ltd.

We provide a competitively priced computer hardware leasing service to organisations that are looking to circumvent the upfront cost of updating their IT infrastructure.

Our service is fully scalable to meet your direct business requirements. We lease a vast range of technologies that are used in an office environment, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablet devices, tower/rack mount servers and network devices.

5 great reasons to lease your IT equipment.

Computer Leasing Services

Why is computer leasing so popular with businesses?

Leasing is a sensible option if you want to avoid paying for computer equipment that will depreciate in value and become obsolete within 3 years.

Remember the golden rule – if it appreciates, then buy it. If it depreciates, then lease it!

What IT equipment can you lease from us?

  • Rack mount and tower server hardware.
  • Desktop PCs, workstations and small form factor PCs.
  • Network security solutions.
  • Mobile technologies, including laptops, tablets and Ultrabook’s.
  • Apple technologies, including iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.
  • Networking equipment (switches, routers, cabling and patch panels).

We offer professional IT installation services.

Our computer leasing solution is complemented by a professional installation and configuration service. This service is provided by our team of award winning Microsoft and Apple certified technicians, IT consultants and project managers.

We also provide ongoing IT Support.

We also provide a fully managed support service or ad-hoc IT support services. The cost of ongoing support can be incorporated into your fixed monthly leasing fee.

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Unlimited IT Support for London and the East of England.

We can provide assistance with budgetary planning.

Our finance team and technical consultants will work closely with you to ensure that you lease the correct equipment required to meet your business challenges, within an affordable fixed monthly fee. We will implement a long-term leasing plan to ensure that you always have access to the latest technologies.

We are not a finance company, but we are an IT company that provides financing.


Lease your computer equipment from Our IT Department. 

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