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Archive your business critical data in the cloud.

Deep Data is perfect for organisations that need to archive media files, images, electronic documents, email or any other data that is no longer in active use.

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Is Deep Data suitable for your business?

Anyone can use Deep Data, including Media and PR companies, website designers and architects who retain large amounts of data such as media files and images.

We also work with businesses from the recruitment and legal sectors that retain large amounts of sensitive electronic data and scanned documents.

5 benefits of archiving your digital data in the cloud.

Deep Data archiving benefits

How much Digital Data can you archive?

Deep Data allows you to archive up to 10 TB (terabytes) of digital data.

Why is it important to archive your digital data?

Extended data retention places an additional strain on your IT systems; affecting both the speed and stability of your network.

Managing large volumes of data can be a major distraction for network administrators.

Online or media-based backup solutions can be costly to use for businesses that retain large quantities of data. It can also cripple the restore process when using conventional backup media.

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Digital data archiving is safe and secure.

Deep Data is a highly secure large-volume digital data archiving solution.

Your data will be retained and replicated in our cloud network, which is hosted in two of the UK’s most secure, purpose-built Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres.

Visit our UK data centre page to find out more.

The difference between online backup and data archiving.

  • Online backup is a scheduled backup of active data which is accessed on a daily basis. Online backup can be used to restore data when it is accidentally deleted, lost or destroyed.
  • Data archiving is a solution used to store a large volume of inactive data, which is not required for everyday use but needs to be retained for occasional use and business continuity.

Take the first step towards safeguarding your business critical digital data. 

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