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High capacity Email Archiving solutions for Business and Education.

MAIL-VAULT™ is a highly advanced cloud-based archiving solution that is used to store large volumes of email data.

How does MAIL-VAULT™ work?

Mail vault email archiving guide

MAIL-VAULT™ is affordable.

We have a simple per user/per month pricing structure. You will be surprised how little it costs to implement a high capacity email archiving solution.

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MAIL-VAULT™ lets you backup and restore your emails with ease.

Thanks to advanced search functionality, you can find and restore emails within seconds from a user-friendly web-based interface.

Every piece of data is indexed, including attachments and files. You can also define user specific search criteria for targeted searches.

MAIL-VAULT™ takes the strain off your in-house email server.

By reducing the amount of data that is being stored and indexed, you will improve the overall efficiency of your physical Exchange server.

data storage compliance

MAIL-VAULT™ will help you to achieve regulatory compliance.

MAIL-VAULT™ allows you to retain secure electronic records of all your email correspondence. With journaling enabled, you can implement stringent capture and retention policies for all company emails with the option to permanently delete email records after a fixed amount of time.

MAIL-VAULT™ is safe and secure.

MAIL-VAULT™ is one of the most safe and secure email archiving solutions in the world. All data is stored, encrypted and replicated at our independent UK-based Tier 4 and Tier 3 data centres. Visit our data centre page to find our more.

mail-vault app MAIL-VAULT™ seamlessly integrates with Outlook.

MAIL-VAULT™ can be fully integrated within Microsoft Outlook. You can search, access and restore archived emails from within your Outlook window.

MAIL-VAULT™ is cross platform compatible.

Archive emails from Office 365, Google Apps and other hosted platforms. You can also backup and retain the entire folder structure of Office 365.

cloud email archiving serviceMAIL-VAULT™ is easy to manage and maintain.

MAIL-VAULT™ can be easily managed at user level. Administrators can also manage groups of archived email accounts from a web-based dashboard.