IT Auditing Services for London and East of England  Would you really trust the results of a free IT audit?

Many IT companies offer a free IT audit as an incentive to sign up for a long-term service contract, or as an in-road to offer additional products and services.

On the surface, the proposition of a free IT audit is an attractive one, but the service is often misleading because many free IT audits are conducted by an engineer that doesn’t have the time, or the knowledge that is required to complete a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your IT infrastructure.

iso27001 accredited IT Auditing Service

Why do we place a value on our Professional IT Auditing service?

We’re an ISO 27001: 2013 accredited IT solutions provider that offers a dedicated IT Auditing service to organsations that are located across London and the East of England. Our IT Auditing service is conducted by a team of highly technical and highly experienced IT professionals and IT Consultants.

We will leave no stone unturned. We will conduct a FULL examination and evaluation of your entire IT infrastructure, your processes, policies, best practice, operations and maintenance.

The 5 objectives of our Professional IT Network Audit.

1. To provide you with a highly detailed inventory of your entire IT Infrastructure.
2. To determine inefficiencies in your IT systems, processes and management.
3. Where required, to provide medium and long term recommendations that can be put in place to ensure that your IT infrastructure is running efficiently and you are getting optimal value for money from your investment.
4. To ensure that any processes in place and working properly and are in compliance with IT-specific policies laws and best practice.
5. To ensure that information management processes are compliant and data integrity is ensured.

Every audit is unique.

We’ll assess your IT systems against your business challenges and your overall business goals. We will then provide you with an IT roadmap that is structured around your unique requirements.

A breakdown of our Professional IT Auditing Service.

The human element.

A Professional IT consultant will interview your internal management team and other staff members that have an ongoing involvement in IT operations at every level. We’ll use this time to gain an understanding of people’s responsibilities and highlight any ongoing issues and concerns that the staff have about the existing IT landscape.

The automated assessment.

We use a selection of highly complex auditing tools and applications to conduct an automated discovery process that will detect, record and assess every element of your IT landscape.

This includes 3rd party software licences, hardware (including mobile devices), Email, connectivity, network security and even warranties. Our software will also conduct a system health check on your servers and workstations.

The human assessment.

A professional IT consultant will also conduct a manual examination of other elements of your IT landscape, including remote connectivity, data, data integrity, information management, policies and processes.

The supplier assessment.

We will assess any service agreements that you have in place that relate to IT services. This may include IT support service agreements, internet connectivity and VoIP telephony contracts.

Our aim is to ensure that you are getting value for money from your service providers and to resolve any issues with suppliers that were highlighted by staff members in the initial interview.

The final report.

Once the audit is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report which incorporates a fully comprehensive breakdown of your entire IT network infrastructure.

This report should be treated as your strategic IT plan that has been put in place to ensure that your IT infrastructure is running efficiently and is aligned to meet your business challenges and goals, within a budget that is realistic to your business.

Every point that has been covered in the audit will be carefully explained to you in a final meeting. 

The recommendation road map.

Rich in content but easy to understand, our report features a unique traffic light system that is based on our analysis of your network and our medium to long-term recommendations moving forward.

IT Auditing Service traffic Lights

What information do we record?

  • All computer hardware, including all workstations, servers and mobile devices
  • All 3rd party software licences (applications and operating systems)
  • All peripherals
  • All network security equipment and security software
  • All network connectivity equipment
  • Service provider details, including contracts and policies
  • All internal IT documentation including processes and policies
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)process documentation

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