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  • Relieve the in-house IT Manager from the additional pressures that have been placed on them following recent business growth.
  • Ensure the IT network remains consistent, reliable and up-to-date to enable the company to successfully meet its goals.
  • Provide an alternative service solution to employing an additional IT Expert that is both cost-effective and efficient.
  • Provide ongoing IT Consultancy for the IT Manager on an ad-hoc basis.


Provide the client with an IT Manager Support solution, which incorporates the following services:

  • Day-to-day first line desktop and application support to the design and marketing teams.
  • 24/7 desktop and application support for the client’s subsidiary office in South Africa.
  • Scheduled Field Technician Support at the clients UK office once  a week to assist the IT Manager with any onsite IT tasks.
  • Onsite Holiday and absence/sickness cover.
  • Ongoing assistance with complex IT issues and project management.
  • Assistance with the implementation of a long-term business IT strategy.


  • The IT Manager is liberated from time-consuming first line desktop and application IT support issues, allowing them to focus on applying a successful long-term IT strategy.
  • 24/7 first line support for both client offices is now provided by a single incumbent.
  • Our Consultancy team worked closely the IT Manager to implement a clearly defined IT strategy that will help the business achieve its medium and long-term goals.
  • The IT Manager now has access to an additional skillset and knowledge base.
  • They also have full access to our ticketed management system, which allows them to generate reports and identify areas where the network requires additional investment and attention.
  • The client has reduced its projected IT staffing costs by 57% by choosing to outsource their services requirements.

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Our client is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that currently has 45 staff members who work from their office in the University City of Cambridge, with an additional 10 staff that work from a satellite office that’s located in South Africa.

The agency employs a resident IT Manager who is solely responsible for the administration and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. In addition, they are also responsible for providing day-to-day first line support for all the staff.  The IT infrastructure is cross platform in nature, with a mixture of Macs and high end Windows workstations being used by the design and marketing teams respectively.

BACK IN 2012…

Our relationship with the agency began back in 2012 when the IT Manager was looking for an IT project rescue specialist to help them with a failing Windows SBS service migration project.

Unfortunately, they had run into several technical difficulties mid-way through the project that posed a threat to its success. Therefore, they needed the assistance of a Windows Server specialist with the necessary technical experience to help them get the project back on schedule.


Our Project Management team spent two days onsite working closely with the IT Manager to quickly assess the problems they were facing so we could create and execute an effective project rescue plan within 48 hours. After two solid days onsite (and MANY cups of Coffee), the migration project was recovered and completed on time and still within the original projected budget.

This one-off consultancy service was the start of an ongoing working relationship that has lasted for more than five years.

Challenge for IT Manager Support (Case Study)


An extremely successful 2016 has seen the agency’s staff numbers increase by 25% in just 5 months. Understandably, this success has put a considerable strain on the IT Manager, who is responsible for ensuring the IT network remains consistent, reliable and up-to-date to enable the company to successfully meet its goals in the year ahead. In addition, they also had to provide desktop support to the 45 staff members at the Cambridge office and an outbound sales team that work from a satellite office in Cape Town.


There simply weren’t enough hours in the day for the IT Manager to effectively fulfill all the first to third line day-to-day duties, in addition to the time that’s required for the planning and deployment of an upgraded IT infrastructure project necessary to facilitate the clients growing user base. A solution needed to be found quickly in order to prevent productivity from being compromised throughout the entire organisation.


To resolve this problem, the agency believed that the natural progression was to expand its internal IT team by hiring another technical engineer to support the existing IT Manager.  However, it soon became clear that it wasn’t financially viable for the agency to employ two full-time IT staff members. Especially if they wanted to hire an engineer that had the experience and skillset required to support such a complex IT environment. The new staff member would also need to have the knowledge required to assist with implementing an ongoing IT strategy that would contribute to the company’s success.

Of course, as a company that provides outsourcing services, the next logical (and cost-effective) solution was to outsource!

IT Manager Solutions Case Study


The IT Manager was given the task of finding an IT outsourcing company that provides ‘IT Manager Support’ as a service. Our IT Department was the perfect fit for the following reasons:

  • We had previously demonstrated our technical expertise by saving their failing Windows Server migration project.
  • IT Manager Support is a core service that we provide to a large number of organisations across the UK that already have an internal IT expert or department.
  • We are vastly experienced in support networks shared by Apple and Windows technologies.
  • We also offer onsite and remote absence cover As part of our IT Manager support service

Additionally, we are pleased to say that the IT Manager remembered us because they had struck up a rapport with our Project Management team and enjoyed working with them throughout the IT project rescue, which is great to hear!


Our IT Manager support service is highly flexible because in our experience, no two service requirements are the same.


We provide one of our clients with a day-to-day first line telephone and remote desktop support service. This allows their internal IT Technician to concentrate on the administration and ongoing management requirements for their IT operations.


We have another client has a large-scale office with an internal IT team that provides desktop and application support. They use Our IT Department as their third line technical resource for resolving complex IT issues and scheduled server maintenance/administration.


Our IT Consultants also provide this particular client with an ongoing IT strategy service, helping them to improve their IT function by providing an IT roadmap which contains short, medium and long term goals for moving forward.

Outcome image for IT Manager Solutions page


Following an internal meeting with the IT Manager and the internal management teams, Our IT Department proposed an ongoing IT Manager support solution that contributes to the organisation’s overall goals through the following services:

  • Our St Neots-based telephone and remote service desk now provides all day-to-day first line desktop and application support to the design and marketing teams.
  • Our London-based 24/7 service desk provides desktop and application support to the client’s subsidiary office in South Africa.
  • A Field Support Technician will attend site at the UK office one day a week to assist the IT Manager with any IT tasks that cannot be completed remotely (such as upgrading workstations, fitting AV equipment, etc.).
  • Holiday and absence cover is also provided by the same Field Support Technician.
  • The client has a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will work closely with both the IT Manager and the management team.
  • Assistance with complex IT issues and project management is provided by our IT Consultancy team on an ad-hoc basis.

The IT Manager can finally go on holiday and relax, knowing that the IT network is in safe hands and any IT issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our team. Holiday and absence cover also helps to reduce downtime and maintain productivity during the IT Manager’s absence.


When compared to hiring an additional staff member, our IT Manager Support offered better value for money and greater flexibility to the entire business.

1. The first line telephone and remote support service will liberate the IT Manager from the trivial day-to-day IT issues that are taking up so much of their time, allowing them to prioritise more important administrative tasks.

2. Because we offer a 24-hour IT Support service, all ongoing support for both offices is now provided by the same incumbent.

3. Our Technical Account Manager will help drive the business forward by implementing a clearly defined IT strategy, ensuring that their ongoing IT investment fully contributes to the organisation’s goals moving forward.

4. The IT Manager now has access to an additional skillset and knowledge base. Our IT Consultancy team provides an additional skillset in the event the IT Manager requires specialised knowledge to assist with a complex IT issue. Costs remain controlled because this is an ad-hoc service.

5. Our client now has full access to our ticketed management system which allows them to generate reports that detail the number of support issues in the log. This data also allows the IT Manager to understand the nature of any support issues that are being logged, allowing them to identify areas of the network that require additional investment and attention.


Partnership with IT Support Company - Logo


We have provided ongoing support to the IT Manager for over five years now and recently, we helped them relocate to a new state-of-the-art office on the outskirts of Cambridgeshire. Our ongoing relationship with the client has helped them to realise the added value that IT brings to their business rather than seeing it as just a cost.


Our IT Department provides a comprehensive range of ongoing support, consultancy and IT project management services to organisations that already have an internal IT expert or IT Department.

Visit our IT Manager Support page to find out more about this service. Or, complete the form below if you have specific questions about how this service will add value to your business.

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