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Providing a range of fast, reliable and competitively priced Fibre Internet Leased line solutions to London business.

3 reasons to consider a Leased Line for your business.

1. The internet is critical to your business because you are dependent upon a consistent, resilient and fast connection that isn’t shared in order to remain competitive and ensure business continuity.

2. You have a large office, or you are expanding and require a consistently high speed connection, no matter how many users are connected at one time

3. You require high upload bandwidth because you handle media files and large amounts of data throughout the day.

Our Internet Leased line options.

leased line london eyeBusiness Fibre Internet Leased lines.

The most reliable fibre connection that is available in London (and the UK).

A leased fibre line is suitable for businesses that use cloud services, VPN connections for site-to-site and remote access in addition to VoIP telephony. It is also recommended for organisations that upload and maintain large amounts of data.

Speeds from 10Mbit to Gigabit are available.

leased line london taxiGigabit Internet Leased Line.

A Gigabit Ethernet leased line connection is suitable for organisations that require very high internet bandwidth. This is typically businesses from the Media sector that require a dedicated Gigabit connection for video, audio and other new media.

FREE CONNECTION AND INSTALLATION is currently available, subject to a postcode check and initial site survey.

London crownEthernet private networks.

Ethernet private networks are suitable for organisations that wish to setup Ethernet WAN connectivity between multiple sites across London and the UK, including data centre locations.

leased line London busEthernet first mile.

A lower cost solution, providing businesses with an internet speed of up to 20Mbit/sec, delivered from the local telephone exchange. This service is an ideal replacement for businesses that are looking to replace their SDSL connection with a competitively priced high speed symmetrical leased line.

leased line london bridgeData centre connectivity.

We provide a dedicated fibre network connection to a selection of London-based data centres, with minimum speeds of 10Gbit/sec guaranteed. Layer 2 and layer 3 services are available.

Please contact us for a list of London-based connected data centres.

5 fantastic reasons to choose us for your Internet requirements.

1. We offer London’s cheapest fibre internet leased line services.
2. Our Venus fibre network provides the most reliable fibre connection in London.
3. We provide a comprehensive range of leased line solutions with speeds from 10Mbit to 1 Gigabit.
4. We offer 24/7 monitoring and customer support.
5. No restrictions on data usage.

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