Hotel Leased Line & Wireless Solutions for Hotels Case Study


Our IT Department recently completed a data and wireless connectivity upgrade project for one of London’s most established hotels. This is how we helped them to overcome poor internet connectivity that was affecting the guest experience and their bottom line.

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  • Eliminate ongoing issues with guest wireless connectivity by providing ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage for the entire hotel.
  • Consolidate the existing ADSL connections into a single high bandwidth solution.
  • Resolve ongoing problems with the hotel’s online booking system resulting from poor internet connectivity.
  • Improve the overall guest experience.


  • Install 1 x 250Mbps dedicated fibre leased line to replace the existing low bandwidth ADSL connections.
  • Install 20 Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 wireless access points in the guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant and reception area.
  • Add 2 Ruckus ZoneFlex T300 outdoor wireless access points in the outdoor areas.
  • Implement 1 x Ruckus ZoneDirector controller to centrally manage all indoor and outdoor access points.


  • Access to a strong, consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire hotel.
  • Improved guest experience with completely eradicated complaints regarding the inferior quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The hotel experienced a 35% increase in online bookings in the last 3 months, thanks to the introduction of a dedicated high bandwidth internet connection. The hotel now has a single supplier agreement with Our IT Department for their data, wireless and ongoing support. Paperwork is also simplified with one invoice for all services.
  • The hotel has a guaranteed onsite response SLA in place with Our IT Department that ensures any hardware faults are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • The hotel also has a dedicated account manager at Our IT Department that they can contact at any time to discuss any IT related issues.

Leased line Case Study - Challenges


It started with an Audit.

We were originally asked by the hotel manager to conduct an independent wireless infrastructure and internet connectivity audit.

Because of its size and location, the hotel has a large volume of guests that use the internet not only in the overnight rooms, but also in bar/restaurant areas and several outdoor facilities  located on the hotel grounds.

ADSL wasn’t cutting it.

For many years, our client had been using a mixture of independent ADSL network connections to provide internet to its customers and its staff throughout the premises. However, as the hotel grew, the existing solution could no longer sustain the ever-increasing volume of concentric users that were simultaneously accessing the internet. The ADSL connections in the hotel were averaging a maximum speed of 4Mbps and the wireless access points installed by the previous incumbent had a very limited signal range. The signal limitations were the result of older technologies incapable of accommodating the connectivity needs for large indoor and outdoor coverage areas and multi-story buildings.

The guest experience was suffering.

Connectivity issues were also compromising the overall guest connectivity experience. Many residents were voicing their displeasure at the weak and unreliable internet connectivity experienced during their stay.

That’s not all.

Our client was also experiencing problems with its online booking system which was hosted locally on a dedicated server in the hotel. Many customers were ringing the hotel directly to book their rooms because the online booking system was constantly crashing, mainly because of internet bandwidth issues.  This had a negative effect on the number of online transactions being processed every month.

As you can imagine, these ongoing connectivity issues were causing the hotel much embarrassment. In addition to this, the continuous problems with the hotel’s booking platform was affecting the reception staff and the group’s financial bottom line.

FACT – 13% of UK businesses lose money within the first hour of their internet connection going down!

Wireless Network Upgrade Case Study - solution


We proposed the following:

  • Consolidate the existing ADSL lines into a single dedicated business class fibre leased line connection.
  • Introduce a Ruckus high-performance managed wireless solution for Hotels that is designed to support hundreds of simultaneous devices in the most challenging environments.

Why a leased line?

A dedicated leased line was the perfect solution to the hotel’s internet reliability issues. The dedicated bandwidth increased internet speed and greater reliability satisfied significantly improved the online booking system which enabled all departments within the organisation to run more efficiently.

Why Ruckus wireless?

We recommended Ruckus high performance wireless solutions because they are built to deliver consistently great internet performance in a multiple dwelling unit environment (MDU) at peak times. In addition, Ruckus also has a portfolio of outdoor wireless access points that provide consistent performance across outdoor areas such as pools and sports facilities.

Successful Wireless Upgrade Project and leased line


Our IT Department works closely with one of London’s leading fastest ISPs that provide fibre leased lines throughout the capital and the UK. We chose this vendor as our preferred business communications partner because they offer a complete portfolio of leased line services at highly competitive prices. In addition, their culture and company values are perfectly aligned to our own.

First: a Post code check.

We completed a post-code check to make sure that the required leased line services were available in our client’s area. Once we confirmed the services were available, we conducted a post-project meeting with the client to ensure that the monthly costs were affordable to the business. The client was able to save on the installation cost since Venus does not charge for installation in this particular area of London.

Followed by a site survey.

After we confirmed that the service was available in the area, we arranged a site survey to identify if any work was needed to install the connection and to determine if any additional construction charges were required.

The average lead time for the installation of a fibre leased line is between 65-95 days depending on the outcome of the survey. However, this particular project was very straightforward because there was already a suitable infrastructure in place that was serving the area, thus reducing the lead time for installation.

The outcome.

The outcome was a robust 250Mbps dedicated fibre internet connection that enabled our client to satisfy guest demand and resolve any connectivity issues with their online booking system.


  • A dedicated all-fibre connection with guaranteed speeds of 250Mbps (expandable to up to 10GB).
  • A leased line is faster and more reliable than a generic broadband connection.
  • Leased lines have very high bandwidth, providing enough throughput for the entire premises, including indoor and outdoor locations.
  • The connection is dedicated to your organisation – ensuring no congestion or slowdown.
  • Dedicated leased lines are inherently more secure.
  • Dedicated leased lines offer unlimited usage – enabling video and VoIP in addition to internet connectivity.


It’s time to fix the Wi-Fi.

Once the fibre internet leased line was in place, our next task was to conduct a pre-deployment site survey of the hotel’s Wi‑Fi environment. This involved creating a detailed visual wireless network map that highlights details such as local access points, neighbouring devices, coverage voids and signal leaks, in addition to different areas of the hotel grounds.

We then deployed an additional diagnostic tool that is designed to identify and eliminate the causes of any wireless interference that may be present in the hotel.  This clever tool can also identify any non-wireless interference, such as video cameras and audio systems!

Hotels Wireless Upgrade Project examples - Case Study


Because we needed to:

  • Create a detailed visual wireless coverage map of the hotel premises, including channel usage and hotspot coverage.
  • Complete a Wi-Fi configuration analysis to identify and fix any misconfigurations.
  • Locate signal leakage from the hotel building.
  • Highlight wireless coverage voids.
  • Discover the location of any rogue wireless access points.
  • Discover any neighbouring wireless access points.
  • Create a detailed interference map.
  • Locate overlapping wireless coverage.
  • Determine wireless data rate usage.

Passing the baton.

Once the site survey was completed and we eliminated any causes of wireless interference, our project management team proceeded to install a series of indoor and outdoor access points that utilise Ruckus’ clever ZoneFlex adaptive antenna technology.

3 days to upgrade the Wi-Fi.

Within 3 days, our project management team replaced the client’s substandard wireless equipment with 20 Ruckus Zoneflex R500 wireless access points. The points were located in hallways and other strategic areas throughout the hotel to ensure that all customers had maximum wireless coverage.

Why the R500 model?

We choses the Ruckus R500 model because it is the perfect choice for medium density hotspot environments, such as hotels.  The R500 utilises Ruckus’ patented BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology that provides thousands of antenna patterns and supports horizontal and vertical polarisation, resulting in a massive performance increase throughout the entire hotel.

We didn’t forget outdoors.

Next, we deployed an additional two high capacity Ruckus Zoneflex T300 outdoor wireless access points In order to achieve the same maximum wireless coverage outside. These high performance access points were the perfect solution because they offer the same high performance and wireless coverage that’s featured in the R500 model. Because these access points are designed for use outdoors, they are made with a water and dust-proof plastic enclosure. They also have flexible wall and pole mounts which made it easier to install the access points in the most effective places.

Lastly, we installed ZoneDirector.

This is Ruckus’ physical Wi-Fi controller that allows us centrally manage every wireless access point throughout the hotel via a user-friendly interface.  The ZoneDirector has several features that make it easier to support and maintain the wireless network throughout the entire premises.

The features include:

  • Adaptive wireless meshing (linking access points wirelessly, removing the need to run additional cables throughout the premises).
  • Sophisticated user access controls.
  • Automatic traffic re-direction.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi client performance tools.
  • Elegant and simple guest networking functions.
  • Rogue AP detection and advanced Wi-Fi security features.
  • Flexible WLAN groups.
  • Extensive authentication support.
  • Robust network management.

Hotel wireless Upgrade Case Study


The project was a complete success.

The project was completed within 5 working days after the leased line was installed and activated.  The hotel now provides a better overall guest experience thanks to the much improved internet connectivity. The number of online bookings has increased month-to-month and the hotels annual IT expenditure has been greatly reduced.

Wi-Fi connectivity is much improved.

Thanks to the new Ruckus wireless access point infrastructure that has been deployed site-wide, the hotel is now benefiting from a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire premises. This Includes areas where internet connectivity was previously unavailable, such as the pool area and the hotel gym.

As is the guest experience.

The overall guest experience has been greatly improved because complaints about internet connectivity have been completely eradicated. Any complaints to reception are now usually password related and can be resolved quickly.

The online booking system is fixed.

The introduction of a dedicated fibre leased line has completely resolved the problems customers were experiencing with the online booking system.

The hotel has seen a 35% increase in online booking transactions in the last 3 months.

The overall customer service experience has been improved and the number of calls taken by the reception staff has decreased by 16%.

We’ve simplified things.

The hotel now has a single supplier agreement in place with us for their data, wireless connectivity and ongoing support.  All previous ADSL internet connectivity contracts have now been cancelled and replaced with a single invoice for all services from Our IT Department.

The staff get to enjoy an award winning customer service experience. The hotel has a guaranteed onsite response SLA in place with Our IT Department to ensure that all hardware faults are dealt with quickly and efficiently. In addition, the hotel staff can now contact their dedicated account manager at Our IT Department at any time to discuss IT related issues.

The staff can also contact our help desk to request any changes to the existing wireless configuration, or to remotely troubleshoot any problems with the wireless infrastructure.

Leased Line installation Case Study


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