e-pulse network monitoring software for small business

Highly advanced Network Monitoring solutions for business.

E-pulse is a real-time network monitoring solution that allows us to monitor a wide-range of devices and operating systems on your computer network, in addition to websites, databases and email services.

E-pulse is included with IT Unlimited™, our fully managed IT Support service. It is also available to purchase as a standalone product.

What makes E-pulse different from other Network Monitoring solutions?

E-pulse allows us to monitor all connected devices on your company network at a granular level, including servers, networking equipment, virtual machines and firewalls.

E-pulse proactively alerts us to any problems on your network, allowing us to pro-actively fix these problems before they cause significant disruption to daily business operations.

There’s many network-monitoring solutions on the market, but few can match the efficiency and accuracy of E-pulse.

Here’s a breakdown of what E-pulse monitors.

Network security monitoring services Network Security monitoring.

Critical services.

monitoring of all critical services, alerting us to any unauthorised security breaches.

Anti-virus and malware software.

ensuring that all anti-virus software is working correctly and all definitions are up to date.

Server backups.

monitoring physical server backup success and failure.

Critical server updates.

alerting us to any critical updates that require installation.

Unauthorised login attempts and hacking.

alerting us to multiple login failures and unusual network traffic monitoring.

Firewall performance.

closely monitoring hardware firewall uptime and performance.

E-pulse hardware monitoringHardware monitoring.

Hardware performance.

Checking for any physical hardware problems that may occur on your network, including servers, routers switches and firewalls.

Server RAID.

Epulse will instantly alert us to any RAID Array failure.

Hard disk space and disk space consumption.

Low storage space and unusual space consumption alerts. User/system folder and file sizes.

Windows services.

Monitoring all of the critical services that are active on your servers.

network security monitoringNetwork Monitoring.

Internet stability and Network performance.

E-pulse will closely monitor your infrastructure for any potential bottlenecks that may affect the performance of your network.

email and Exchange network monitoringMicrosoft Exchange monitoring.

Exchange mailbox store size.

E-pulse will alert us if your Exchange server store is close to maximum capacity, allowing us to act quickly and avoid any email downtime.

WWW monitoringDatabase and website monitoring. 

E-pulse will alert us if your website(s) experience any downtime.

E-pulse also supports the monitoring of all popular databases, including Microsoft SQL server and MySQL.

Automatically generate network monitoring reports.

E-pulse automatically generates scheduled detailed reports that can be emailed directly to a network administrator or selected user within your company.

Easy to read and understand, the E-pulse report provides a breakdown of all monitoring statistics, including any new changes or alerts.


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