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We’ll optimise and maintain your business network security.

Our IT Department offers professional support and advisory services to organisations across London and the East of England that need assistance with their network security requirements.

Our professional consultants will identify, recommend and source the best network security solutions for your business. We also provide fully managed services to organisations that wish to fully outsource their network security requirements.

Network security strategy, design and integration.

From planning to deployment, we’ll help you to introduce the following network security solutions:

  • Firewall technology (including firewall management services).
  • Enterprise level anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.
  • Data leakage prevention.
  • PCI compliance.
  • Network security policy and procedure development.
  • Network security monitoring.

Network Penetration Testing.

A form of ‘Ethical Hacking’ that is conducted onsite by a network security professional for the purpose of attempting to gain access to resources on your network.

We’ll intentionally target business critical ‘sensitive’ data including customer information, personnel, payroll and other financial information. We will also try to access other networks from your network infrastructure.

Lastly, we will assess your desktop PC configuration and seek vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Server Network security auditing.

A process designed to look for potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited, predominantly at the Active Directory level, including:

  • Predictable admin accounts.
  • Redundant user accounts.
  • Weak passwords.
  • Extreme file permissions.
  • User account policies.

In addition, we will also conduct a comprehensive audit of your DMZ servers (demilitarized zone or perimeter network).

Wireless network security testing.

A testing service conducted onsite by a network security specialist for the purpose of identifying any potential wireless security risks. Initially, we will create a blueprint of your wireless network in order to identify active and rogue access points in your building. We will then follow the below process in order to identify any network vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

  • Attempt to crack wireless encryption, including WEP, WPA and WPA2.
  • Attempt to access the internet using your wireless connection.
  • Attempt to access other machines and sensitive data on your network.

Network Security policy review.

A comprehensive audit of information security policies, processes and procedures that are used by organisations to enforce the protection of sensitive business critical data.

We also offer a policy creation service, creating an effective information security policy for businesses that do not have a policy in place. This includes testing processes and policy/procedure documentation.

Managed Firewall solutions.

We offer a fully managed firewall service to clients that don’t have an internal IT function, or they wish to relieve their internal IT manager from the burden of ongoing firewall management. This service includes:

  • Firewall configuration and optimisation.
  • Scheduled patching, subscription updates and firmware updates.
  • Rule management.
  • Emergency support, including onsite assistance when required.

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