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A safe and secure online cloud backup solution.

Our Cloud Backup (O.C.B) is an affordable, reliable and highly secure cloud data backup service for business users.

4 great reasons to use our cloud backup solution.

1. The cost of ownership is lower because there is no ongoing investment in hardware and backup media

2.The hidden costs associated with a traditional backup solution are replaced with a fixed monthly fee

3. Our Cloud Backup is secure and compliant thanks to military grade data encryption

4. Say goodbye to vulnerable obsolete tape backups and time-consuming restore processes

Backup your physical and virtual servers.

O.C.B is compatible with all flavours of physical Microsoft Windows servers including SQL and Exchange.

You can also backup data that’s stored on your virtualised servers, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and vSphere.

Backup your desktops, laptops and external devices.

O.C.B can be used to backup electronic data that is stored on desktops, laptops (including ones used outside your network) and Network Attached Storage devices.

Files, folders, images and other data such as .pst files are securely backed up in the background without disrupting your working day.

Our backup solution will not affect your internet speed.

After the initial configuration and data backup process, OCB will detect and backup new and amended data files. This ‘incremental backup’ process mitigates the bandwidth required to backup your business critical data.

If you are still concerned about bandwidth usage, you can designate the amount of bandwidth that is used at specified times, but you probably won’t need to do this!

Our cloud backup solution is safe and highly secure.

Because we are an ISO 27001:2013 accredited organisation, we can ensure that your data is safe and always within compliance requirements.

Our cloud infrastructure is our own. We do not use any white label hosting services. Additionally, we use military standard SSL encryption coupled with password authentication when transferring client data to and from the cloud. Your data is securely stored and replicated to ensure resilience at our UK-based Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres.

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