UK Data Centres

Information about our uk data centres.

Our tier 4 data facility (one of only 3 in the country).

The new Tier 4 Data Centre is the latest technology asset to be added into the expanding network infrastructure of Our IT Department.

This exciting facility complements the existing data centre operations and provides customers with a new and dynamic range of technology services, including cloud computing, complex hosting and fibre speed, data replication services.

Our tier 3 data facility.

Our Tier 3 facility has been designed from the ground up to deliver significant business and environmental savings to clients. By encompassing the latest green technologies, it not only saves earth resources, but also provides clients with lower operating costs from the reduction in energy and carbon resources consumed.

The Maidenhead Data Centre has been certified by the UK Data Centre Uptime Institute and EU Code on Conduct specifications for Tier 3 resiliency.

How do we maintain our cloud infrastructure?

Together with our London operations centre, our extensive technical engineering resources provide 24/7 cover for all of our data centre services including server, storage and communications infrastructures.

The ability to access business critical data and applications within hours of a catastrophe significantly improves an organisations ability to successfully recover from a disaster level event.

The key features of each data centre.

Each Data Centre includes an onsite disaster recovery and business relocation facility. This adds customer value by offering a full office relocation service, which includes office space, desks, PC’s and telephony.

  • Multiple on site generators – diverse supply feeds from multiple grid points ensure there is no single point of failure.
  • 2(N+1) redundancy – twice the redundancy when compared to other N+1 data centres across the UK.
  • Multiple power feeds -A + B power feeds to each rack from different sides of the building.
  • Multiple power substations on site – supporting high rack power densities of up to 15Kw.
  • Multiple fibre feeds from different carriers – via multi-gigabit IP transit connectivity from a self-healing failover network.
  • Permanent 24-hour onsite monitoring – for all network activity.
  • Fire detection and suppression.
  • Efficient building cooling – ultra-efficient systems and advanced cold aisle and pod technology.
  • Secure ID keycard access – a company keycard assigned to every new visitor is required to access all areas.
  • Room access monitoring – live building tracking of all visitors in real-time.
  • CCTV – monitoring activity active site-wide, ensuring protection from theft, damage or interference.
  • Airlock entry system – active for both vehicles and personnel.
  • Permanent onsite security staff.