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Smart effective Remote Working solutions for your employees.

We help businesses to embrace distance working by providing them with secure and reliable remote working solutions.  We offer affordable cloud-based desktop and communications solutions which allow your staff to work untethered while you continue to maintain control and direction.

One of our many of happy clients with remote workers.

It’s great to work with such a conscientious, highly competent team of people who deliver a personal service at a professional level. Avoid the horror stories and choose Our IT Department.

Eamonn Donnellan, S & R London

 7 great reasons to embrace home working.

The financial and commercial benefits of extending your IT infrastructure beyond the boundaries of the office are clear for businesses to see.
Remote Working benefits

Remote working solutions for business.

We’ve helped many new and existing clients to facilitate effective remote working solutions. We provide strategic guidance and expert advice, in addition to technology deployment and ongoing 24/7 technical support.

Many clients have distance workers that fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Temporary home workers
  • Staff that work from permanent home offices
  • UK satellite offices
  • Offices located overseas in different time zones
  • External sales professionals

We’re a highly experienced, with accreditations that set us apart.

Accreditations for 2017 - IT Manager support

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