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Microsoft SharePoint online is a cloud-based online collaboration solution for small business users. By leveraging the power and scalability of a cloud-based SharePoint application, your business will benefit from a cost-effective, fully scalable centralised software platform that will help you to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency and create new business opportunities.

Facing the challenges of modern working.

Advances in broadband and remote technologies have allowed businesses to expand their human resources beyond the conventional boundaries of an office environment. External working is a core requirement for any modern-day business, but with this comes the challenge of ensuring that everyone within your organisation is utilising the same resources and following the same business processes.

Rise to the challenge with SharePoint online.

As a web-based collaboration platform, SharePoint delivers the tools required for implementing operational efficiency via an intuitive user-friendly interface.

Connecting people.

SharePoint is used to effectively connect teams, team members and external workers, allowing users to share information, co-ordinate activities and follow the same internal business processes.

Document management.

A centralised document management solution for business. Host and administrate your business critical documentation from a cloud-based SharePoint solution. Dictate document accessibility and Implement effective document tracking at user and group level.

Project management.

Use SharePoint online to create new projects and manage existing projects from the cloud. Create milestones, delegate tasks and keep your team up to date with user or group notifications.

Business intelligence.

Leverage the functionality of additional SharePoint web-parts and gather business intelligence that can be used to improve both financial and operational performance.

Customer service.

Integrate Our CRM together with a cloud-based SharePoint platform to experience the ultimate customer service platform. Implement business process by utilising workflow charts. Increase customer retention by improving the customer service experience.


Effectively increase marketing opportunities and conversions by integrating Our CRM with SharePoint online.

The social side of SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 incorporates many new efficient processes designed to encourage connectivity between users. Start a discussion, create and post on a community social board, add a new blog entry, ‘like’ or ‘rate’ different elements of SharePoint such as documents or posts and follow users and tags.

Why choose SharePoint online?

  • SharePoint online is flexible
  • SharePoint online is fully scalable
  • SharePoint online is accessible
  • SharePoint online increases productivity
  • SharePoint online is cost-effective

Seamless integration.

The functionality of SharePoint online can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Microsoft products, including Microsoft outlook.

Business continuity.

Our cloud-based SharePoint platform features a fully automated online backup service.  Ensure business continuity by securely backing up all of your SharePoint hosted data to the cloud.

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